Audio Textbooks
Get the Most Out of Education can now bring you the latest audio textbooks straight off the virtual shelves of Amazon. Audio books can be a great way to supplement your education. They can help you build a stronger understanding of your subjects.

It also means you can squeeze more learning into your day. However it’s important to be working from a written copy as well. It’s obviously so important for dyslexic people to practice reading as much as possible. By using both a written and audio version you will gain a more robust understanding of the subject matter.

Time management:

As a dyslexic person, at any level of education, time management is a key factor to success. Audio books can take some of the stress out of your workload. You can listen to them on the walk to class, or while doing exercise. They also require less concentration than normal books. Therefore you have more energy left for other things.

Reading comprehension:

Dyslexic people can sometimes have comprehension difficulties. This can make audio books extremely useful; especially when there is a great deal of pressure on you to read and understand a lot of information. They can also give an extra layer of clarity and create a deeper understanding.

Reading speed:

Slow reading can also be a problem for dyslexic people. Using audio books can increase your overall reading efficiency and help you get the most out of your revision time.


The most important thing is to get as much out of your education as possible, every second counts. Audio books can give you the two most valuable things when studying more time and a stronger understanding of your subjects.

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