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Working progress

Not being able to read quickly enough to keep up with everyone else, or being slow on the intake of information, let alone remembering it. Being poor

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Beating dyslexia

I have beat dyslexia by reading and I am very very happy and I am proud of myself

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Hello Me... I finally found you.

I spent most of my life wondering what my purpose on this earth is. One of my biggest fears in life is - lying on my death bed at the ripe old age of 90

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My Story and My struggle

Try to read this. This is how words look to me every day. Now I want you to think about all the things you read on a daily basis and what if words looked

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Kathrinson Robinson

and I'm trying to learn how to read and write with this program be able to help me I'm an older adult I've been struggling all my life that I've finally

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My story

I thought I would write myself a letter and not correct any of my spelling mistakes. I was blessed to be hit with a double troubble being both Dyslexic

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Bethany harmons story

Im 14 years old and I haven't beat being dyslexic. I was told I had dyslexia when I was in second grade and we also found out that my dad is also dyslexic

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dyslexia- causes to many problems for me

I was diagonised with dyslexia in januray sice then it has beeen causing many problems whcih icnluded understanding some customers needs. I have been able

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