My husband hid his secret (dyslexia) from the world & our daughter...but now

by Felicia Seamon
(Lithonia, GA, USA)

Daddy's Big Secret Book

Daddy's Big Secret Book

My husband was diagnosed (but not really) as a child. I'm not sure that he ever really had a formal evaluation, but when we met...I kinda figured it out. Well, fast forward decades later, as we continued to make provisions (modestly because he was not comfortable divulging it), he lived with what were often feelings of inadequacy.
After years of encouragement, our daughter and my husband wrote a book about the actual events that led to her questioning the term dyslexia, and him having to decide in that moment if he would share the secret that he had been harboring from the world for so long. He recollects his childhood fears and difficulties that continued into adulthood. The open conversation that he had with my daughter was quite a relief for him and ultimately has made our daughter an even more compassionate person. We are going to get more involved in the awareness and stigma removal process around learning differences and I am grateful for blogs that I come across like this one, where families have opted to share. There are so many who will not and it exacerbates the problem. The name of their children's book is, "Daddy's Big Secret, Jordan Learns the Truth".

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