Dyslexia Help and Motivation
Never give up

This dyslexia help section offers advice and guidance. It’s aimed at you if having the condition has ever made you feel stressed, worried or just generally negative about life. Dyslexia is a pain but without challenges life would be boring. A positive attitude is one of the most important things a person can have.

Maintaining Resilience:

If I’ve learnt one thing from being dyslexic it’s the necessity to be resilient. There can be a lot of bad feeling and psychological baggage that goes with dyslexia. For me the primary concern was the feeling of inferiority.

However it’s both the good and the bad experiences that make us the people we are. It’s our choice how we let these things shape us. The dyslexia help in this section is all about resilience.

Living with Dyslexia:

I know the stress of being dyslexic is an annoying burden. Though, when I think of all the terrible things in the world is dyslexia really that bad?

Unfortunately life is never going to be perfect. However if it was my god would it be boring. I’m sure you couldn’t care less but if you want to know how I deal with the challenge of Living with Dyslexia click here.

Worrying too much:

In my life people have picked on me because of my dyslexia. It made me overly concerned with other peoples’ opinion of me.

Being resilient to negative comments is never going to be easy. Nevertheless getting bothered about what other people think is only going to lead to paranoia. The only person’s opinion I worry about is my own. If you want to know more click here for how to beat social anxiety.


Having confidence in my intelligence is one of the most liberating things I’ve learnt. It is something everyone needs in order to make progress. However a lot of resilience can be needed to generate intellectual self-esteem as a dyslexic person. Click here for why confidence in your intelligence is so important.

Having low self-esteem made me distrust my judgement. I use to worry about making mistakes all the time. This would generally cause me to make even more mistakes. Click here to find out how low self-esteem can effect judgement.


Resilience is always going to be an important part of life and life is always going to be a challenge. Nevertheless it's the challenges that make us the people we are. Life can be harsh and people nasty but being able to take this and not let it hold you back should be a satisfying success in itself.

Believing in my intelligence has had many positive effects. The more I hold faith I am a smart person the more intelligent I become.

I hope this dyslexia help section has made you feel positive. The irony of the dyslexia help here is it’s primarily saying you have to help yourself, Sorry about that.

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