Dyslexia Treatment
Free and Simple Interventions

The dyslexia treatment on this website is based on contemporary scientific research. All the interventions here are FREE and can be done at home. At NO stage will we advise or recommend treatment based on drugs or medication.

Take your time, have a look at each of them and decide which ones are relevant to you. If you want to get a clearer idea of your own symptoms before you start click here.

Intervention 1:

The first remediation method is the phonic alphabetic code chart. You may have discovered this on other parts of the website. It can help you understand the fundamentals of how the English language works. It shows you exactly what sounds go with which letter combinations. Click here for the phonic alphabetic code chart.

Intervention 2:

Core muscle exercises can also be beneficial for dyslexic people. They are great for improving eye-text tracking. As a result reading should become a more comfortable and less tiring process. Click here for special easy to do core exercises. Don’t worry, though, you don't have to be an Olympic athlete. These exercises are quick and easy for anyone to do.

Intervention 3:

There is some research evidence that links convergence insufficiency to reading problems. As many people will tell you convergence exercises are not a cure for dyslexia but they can help improve eye coordination. This again should make reading more comfortable and less tiring. Click here for Convergence Insufficiency Exercises.

Intervention 4:

Problems with rapid naming of letters, groups of letters and whole words may be a significant part of some peoples reading difficulties. The easiest way to increase rapid naming ability is with the oldest reading intervention of all time. Click here to Improve Rapid Naming Ability.

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Intervention 5:

The Hemispheric Balance Theory breaks dyslexia down into different subtypes. It also offers remediation methods for these different groups. They are simple things you can do at home to stimulate either the left or the right side of your brain Click here for dyslexia treatment based on hemispheric stimulation.

Intervention 6:

The Magnocellular Theory was the basis for this method. Like the core exercises it's about improving the quality of eye/text tracking. Many dyslexic people suffer with this problem. Click here for Magnocellular intervention. If you’ve ever dressed up as a pirate you’ll enjoy this one.

Intervention 7:

This is the last one on the list, for the time being anyway. It’s about how developing musical awareness can help people with dyslexia. Click here for intervention. Its basis lies in the development of rhythm and timing.

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All the dyslexia treatments above have shown positive results under research conditions. You may as well try all of them. At the end of the day they are all free so you may as well give them a go. Click here for some positive psychological motivation.

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