Studying Tips
Specially Developed for Dyslexic People

These studying tips will be relevant to you if you are currently in education. However, even if you are not, some of the information can be applied to other areas of your life. This section is all about efficiency, you want to get the most out of your time without working so hard that your head falls off.

Time Management:

Dyslexic people generally have to work harder than others. This is why the ability to manage and use your time wisely can make the difference between success and failure. Click here for Time Management Studying Techniques.

Know yourself:

When studying it's essential to try to get the most out of yourself. How do you like to work? What time of day are you at your best? What helps when you are stressed?Click here for Know Yourself.

Talk to your teacher or lecturer:

Communicating directly with your teachers/lecturers can be very useful. If you ask them they will tell you what you need to do to pass and get a good mark. Click here for Talk to Your Teacher or Lecturer.

How to write the perfect essay:

As with everything else planning is the key to successfully writing a good essay. There is a simple structure that every essay should be based around in order for it to get a good mark. Click here for How to Write the Perfect Essay.

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Exam revision:

You will usually have to learn loads of information for your exams. It is therefore essential to find out what areas are the most important to revise. Then it is simply a case of how efficiently you can remember the necessary information. Click here for Studying for Exams.


Whether it is listening in class, reading a book or looking for information in the library attentiveness will prevent you from wasting time. Remember every second counts.Click here for Improve Attentiveness.

Internet research:

It can be very easy to waste loads of time when researching on Google. It is fundamentally important not to waste time on rubbish websites with low quality information. Click here for Internet Research Study Techniques.


If using your time well is the key to success then motivation is the key to getting more out of your time. You need to find out how to motivate yourself and exploit it to your advantage. Click here for Motivational Study Tips.


Fundamentally all the studying tips in this section are about efficiency. You want to find the quickest and most effective way of working. What are the most important areas to cover with the limited time you have?

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