Essay Writing:
How to Write the Perfect Essay

If you get stuck or annoyed by essay writing then you’ve come to the right place. I’m going to show you how to write a perfectly structured essay. Writing like this is the educational standard. You’ll get higher marks for doing it this way.

The easiest way to write any essay is to break it down into chunks. This method also helps make research as efficient and painless as possible. This is great as research is generally more boring than watching grey paint dry in a small cottage on the Isle of Man.

When essay writing the most important thing is to stay focused. You don’t want to wander off and start writing irrelevant material.

Before you start any essay check with your teacher/lecturer they want it written this way. At the end of the day always find out what the teacher wants you to do. They are the ones doing the marking.

Main body:

Ok to start with an essay has three parts an introduction, a main body and a conclusion. Let’s forget about the introduction and the conclusion for the time being. They’re easy; we’ll do them at the end.

The first part you want to consider is the main body. This is where all the research information and your discussion will go. Generally for essay writing at school or university you will be given the title to work from.

You should look at the title as the question to be answered or main point of discussion. The title needs to be included in every paragraph to show you stuck to the main point.

When researching for an essay you want to keep the title in mind at all times. Let say your essay needs to be 1500 words this will break down into roughly 6 or 7 paragraphs in the main body. You need 6 or 7 main points that answer or discuss the title.

Now look at the main points and put them into a logical order in relation to the title. You can then build it one paragraph at a time. Each main point is going to be made into a paragraph.

Building a paragraph:

Take the first of your main points and make it into a statement related to the title of the essay. This will be the first line of the paragraph. Click here if you need help structuring a sentence.

After you make your statement the most essential part of essay writing is to give evidence from your research to back it up. Something that shows you’ve done the research. It may be an experimental study or whatever your course or class requires.

You need to make sure the title of the essay is woven into each paragraph. You don’t have to use the exact words, but it needs to be in there somewhere. This is to show you have stuck to answering the title of the essay and not wandered off the point.

Then you can discuss, interpret or add your opinion to the paragraph. This however will greatly depend on what is required of you from your teacher/lecturer. This is why to write the perfect essay you must make sure you know exactly what the teacher wants.

Then you simply repeat this process to give you six paragraphs, which make up the main body of the essay.

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Introduction and conclusion:

So now the main body of your essay is complete and the hard work is done. All you need to do now is the introduction and the conclusion. These two parts are going to be almost mirror images of each other.

For the introduction you’re telling the reader what is going to be in the main body. To do this you tell them about the original 6 or 7 main points, which were the basis for your paragraphs. This of course, as I’m sure you know by now, needs to be done in relation to the title. An introduction done like this gives an overview of what is found in the main body.

The conclusion is the same as this except the other way around. You’re summing up what you found out about each of your main points in relation to the title. Remember keep the title in every paragraph. It keeps you glued to the main point and you’ll get higher marks.

A good guide for a 1500 word essay is to make the main body 1200 words, 150 for the introduction and 150 for the conclusion. Generally there is a 10% above or below margin of error but check with your teacher.


Essay writing by breaking it down into small pieces is not a new idea. However this is the most effective way to handle any large problem. Click here if you need help with organisation.

Breaking an essay down into chunks is a great way to keep focused, stress free and save time. Having the 6 or 7 main points to work from will make your research easier.

When essay writing the most important thing to remember is always answer the question. You must always keep the title in mind at all times. Click here for more writing help.

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