Spelling Word Lists

The spelling word lists in this section have been divided into 5 levels, 1 is the easiest 5 the hardest. Choose the level that is right for you. These lists are a resource for practising and applying all the ideas and techniques you’ve learnt from this website. If this is your first time using BeatingDyslexia.com have a look at the spelling help section before you start practicing with these words.

Spelling Word Lists Level 1: Very Easy Words
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List (a) List (b) List (c)
this aims their
time with there
fact word these
kept such world
above many zoo
age likely record
date main space
eggs order people
more small sold
idea press large

List (d) List (e) List (f)
became because become
enter family great
burn first horse
built longest person
along earl itself
belongs early events
another could ever
clock bring colour
house match speed
little sheep farmer

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Spelling Word Lists Level 2: Easy Words
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List (a) List (b) List (c)
accept central energy
meaning school slang
known total widely
upheld view until
third reject affairs
depth final speak
money occur lacking
law range group
habit admit dancing
agree except quest

List (d) List (e) List (f)
degree joint poet
edition affect current
borrow effect bright
force apply special
however impact interesting
moment sign twice
present usage attempt
binder edited field
blunt bound bring
chicken focus general

List (g) List (h) List (i)
choose who stoop
chose were distress
choice where fainted
motion why remain
respect which royal
method whereas success
salary south style
sister mount second
search strong stated
chinese chains sung

Spelling Word Lists Level 3: Intermediate Words
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List (a) List (b) List (c)
social transform industry
instead collapsed account
adventure married science
publish project endear
gallery correction absolute
connect enough modern
hence grammar grew
consists advertising lodge
length embrace defeated
dictionary exotic manual

List (d) List (e) List (f)
original proofread obscure
including marketing necessary
discovery despite country
elements disgrace million
gentleman labour attesting
continue annual governed
fundamental experience depend
employs currency armour
apparent probably series
standard lifestyle essential

List (g) List (h) List (i)
height understood tenant
weight harvest isolated
heavy coverage century
catholic classical complete
casual dense limited
trace sense contained
conversion dismissed position
concept measure phrase
models natural required
military exclude curved

List (j) List (k) List (l)
conclusion developed infancy
impressive knowledge liberty
revised since conditions
critical aunt decade
embarking uncle uniform
victory cousin thus
technical niece understanding
solve nephew structure
source current dispute
elephant cultural promoted

List (m) List (n)
policy objects
relative separate
wealth rapidly
whether deduce
weather observers
official references
register satisfy
produced widowed
distinct devoted
denied describe

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Spelling Word Lists Level 4: Challenging Words
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List (a) List (b) List (c)
complexity venture servant
velocity university dissatisfied
contradictory geography museum
lyrics machine megabytes
influence literature analytic
comprising dominated manufacturing
nuclear honour contraction
appropriate calculation constitution
minister language depot
romance supplement sequence

List (d) List (e) List (f)
religious concerning experimental
alphabetical combination elementary
european mechanics illustrate
accessible commander descended
composition community financial
analysis brought conjecture
description execution perception
resource portrait scholar
vacuum taught ushering
volume conversation applicable

List (g) List (h) List (i)
controversial principle resembled
varieties parliament representative
conversely identified stomach
siblings variant severe
astronomy undefined technique
pioneer migrated premier
caught comprehensive society
surprising theory signature
intensely candidates commonplace
interaction perceived poverty

List (j)

Spelling Word Lists Level 5: Very Challenging Words
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List (a) List (b) List (c)
aisle hypothesis gravitation
isle astrophysics campaign
daughter lieutenant extraordinary
conceived soldier characteristics
sociological sergeant substantial
psychology colonel incomprehensible
inertia monastery foreign
dimension elucidate approximately
committee arithmetic derivative
fervently pronounce republican

List (d) List (e) List (f)
ineffectual philosophy resurgence
phenomena simultaneous temporarily
vocabulary ploughman yacht
empirical deficient charismatic
alias borough circumstance
ethos inheritance monarchy
consequence archives conquered
obsolete tolerance electronically
dialect neutron initially
archaic inspiration contemporary


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