Possible Causes of Dyslexia:
Here are some of the main theories

There are many possible causes of dyslexia. However it is important to remember that no one knows exactly what causes it yet. Learning about these theories can give you a clearer understanding of your own symptoms and how to tackle them.

Possible Cause No. 1: The Phonological Representation Theory:

The processing of speech sound in the brain is known as the phonological representation. It is estimated that roughly 75% of dyslexic people show signs of a phonological processing problem. Click here for a full rundown of the theory and a sample of the research evidence.

Possible Cause No. 2: The Hemispheric Balance Theory:

This theory suggests that learning to read involves both the left and the right sides of the brain. It's argued that dyslexia is caused by complications during the shift from the right to the left. Click here for more info and evidence of The Hemispheric Balance Theory.

Possible Cause No. 3: Posture, Core Muscles and Spinal Strength:

There is mounting research that poor physical balance and bad posture may be a possible cause of dyslexia. Firm balance and good posture stem from strong core muscles. Good core strength also helps the eyes to work in coordination with each other. Click here for an explanation of how core strength is related to dyslexia.

Other Possible Causes of Dyslexia:

The magnocellular theory is about visual processing of movement. The theory suggests that dyslexic people have problems in the magnocellular pathway in the brain.

There is also the temporal processing theory that claims dyslexia is a deficiency in the processing of sound in relation to time. Again if you want to know more click here.

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Does the English language contribute to the problem of dyslexia?

There are many inconsistencies in the English language. These imperfections may make it harder for dyslexic people to develop literacy skills. Click here for why I hate the English language. This will help you understand why there are so many inconsistencies, and why they can't be changed.

Is Dyslexia Hereditary?

The has always been a lot of argument about whether or not dyslexia is something we are born with or something we develop for one reason or another during childhood. Researchers from MIT may have discovered the answer to this question. Click here to learn more.

Special Guest:

We have been lucky enough to interview David Morgan the CEO and creator of the Easyread system. We asked him what he thinks the main causes of dyslexia are.Click here to find out what David told us.



So then, what causes dyslexia? Well it's difficult to say, it's likely that there is a number of factors that contribute to the root cause of dyslexia. This may explain why there is so much variation of symptoms between individual cases.

All the theories above have evidence for their claims and methods for improving literacy. Click here for treatments and interventions.

If you are a parent who has dyslexia it’s always good to keep a look out for the early signs. www.understanding-learning-disabilities.com..

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