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Dyslexic English Teacher Creates online ESL business

Dyslexics are the lucky ones! Dyslexics will think of concepts differently, probably see the entire machinery of the problem, think and see in images

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where do i start

when l was young at school l could not understand what the teacher was trying to teach me so l was labelled thick, it has carried on all through my life

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Dyslexia never beaten just Leveraged !!!

Lets get it straight you can not beat it!!! but you can certainly leverage it. Memorization, well forget about that. Understanding, well lets concentrate

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Survivor I see that dyslexia has many forms. The worst ones for me is not being able to remember names two seconds after hearing or reading them. Next

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For many year's, I've hid in the shadow with dyslexia. I'm 48yrs old, Now,I can walk out of the shadow of Dyslexia that had me bound with fear and shame.


Working progress

Not being able to read quickly enough to keep up with everyone else, or being slow on the intake of information, let alone remembering it. Being poor

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Beating dyslexia

I have beat dyslexia by reading and I am very very happy and I am proud of myself

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Hello Me... I finally found you.

I spent most of my life wondering what my purpose on this earth is. One of my biggest fears in life is - lying on my death bed at the ripe old age of 90

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