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Dyslexia - Beating The Odds

When I first got an idea to write an article about my Dyslexia, I did a crash course about the condition from reading “Scholarly” articles I googled….to

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Helpful Coronavirus Homeschooling Tips for Parents

These four tips from an expert will help you educate your kids—and talk them through their new homeschooling routine. School closures have thrust many

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School failure to success

No hope of becoming anything at school , My parents evening consisted of the teachers saying to my mum , she’s very pretty and could marry a millionaire

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Read, read and believe in yourself

I'm 60 now and just read all the challenges dyslexics face. Reading hearing words, memory, and realise I always believed that I had overcome it. I was

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Dyslexic difficulties

Since I was very young, I was different from everyone else in my family. I could not speak properly like the other kids of my age. I would get pronouns

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Doing the Right Things in University as a Student with Dyslexia

One cold February morning during my first year of university I came back to my resident room with what I thought was a disappointing mark on a history

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From Remedial to Teacher

One thing I remember about early school was going to remedial lessons - being taken out of normal lessons when Maths and English were happening and going

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My husband hid his secret (dyslexia) from the world & our daughter...but now

My husband was diagnosed (but not really) as a child. I'm not sure that he ever really had a formal evaluation, but when we met...I kinda figured it out.

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