Read, read and believe in yourself

by John Capel
(South Africa )

I'm 60 now and just read all the challenges dyslexics face. Reading hearing words, memory, and realise I always believed that I had overcome it. I was already 10 years old when I was lucky to have it diagnosed. And managed to get a bursary to one of the only special school called Cross Roads. After 3 years I went back to normal school having completed 2 grades in one year. But after that I struggled and dropped out of high school. Then I studied through the University of London O and A levels and succeeded. Today I run an advocacy organization in South Africa, write regularly opinion pieces and am regularly published and address conferences and the UN, and write and speak I love doing. Yes memory, hearing words spoken. I struggle to hear often. But Dyslexia never held me back. It taught me to overcome obstacles and all my life I have always taken on big challenges and always succeed. Thanks to my Dyslexia. John Capel Johannesburg South Africa

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