Dyslexia Symptoms
Which Ones do You have?

This list of dyslexia symptoms has been compiled using only research evidence. Go over them and make a note of the ones you have. This will give you a personal list of symptoms you are going to overcome. Please Remember for every negative symptom there is a way to beat it.

dyslexia symptoms

Reading Symptoms:

  • Difficulty reading unfamiliar words.

  • Making lots of errors.

  • Slow sound by sound reading.

  • Letters appearing to move around or blur on the page.

  • Difficulty coordinating eyes (tracking).

  • Losing concentration quickly.

  • Fixating on parts of the text for longer than average.

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Spelling Symptoms:

  • Difficulty spelling unfamiliar words.

  • Difficulty dividing words into their smallest units of speech sound (phonemes).

  • Forgetting how to spell simple or short words.

  • Problems distinguishing all 44 phonemes in the English language.

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Speech Symptoms:

  • Occasional pronunciation errors.

  • Making syntactical errors such as ‘I driv over to your house’, rather than ‘I drove over to your house’.

Memory Symptoms:

  • Forgetting names of people or objects.

  • Instantly forgetting the order of letters in a word when it is spelt out.

  • Forgetting instructions.

  • Poor ability to recall items on a list.

  • Difficulty learning the months of the year and times tables.

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Others Symptoms:

  • May lose train of thought more often than average.

  • Difficulty maintaining concentration.

  • Lack of coordination.

  • Disorganisation.

  • Problems telling right from left as a child.

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It’s very important to be aware of the symptoms you have. They show you the areas you need to work on.

Remember there is a great deal of variation in symptoms. The ones you have maybe very different to those of someone else who is also dyslexic. Nevertheless if you can overcome all or most of your symptoms you have beaten dyslexia.

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