Memory Improvement Techniques

This section contains a number of memory improvement techniques. These techniques are extremely effective because they are a reflection of how memory works. The important thing is to understand the underlying principles. This will help you to get more out of your memory.

Memory Technique 1: How to Remember a Long List:

This is a good one to start off with as it shows you the basic principles of memory. You use imagination and association to create a chain of information in your mind. With a little practise you will be able to make the chain as long as you like. Click here for How to Remember a Long List of Items

Memory Technique 2: How to Remember a Large Amount of Information:

This one expands on the principles from the first technique. Again it uses crazy imagination and association to link everything together. However with this one you can remember so much more detailed information. Click here for How to Remember a Large Amount of Information.

How to Remember Names:

Difficulty remembering names is a very common characteristic of dyslexia. Forgetting people's names can make you feel like you are being rude and ignorant. However by using the principles of memory and a bit of practise you'll soon have the problem under control.Click here for How to Remember Names.

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How to Remember Any Word:

Being a good speller requires a level of memory management skills. There are many different ways you can use your memory to improve your spelling. You have to be confident and believe that you can learn to spell any word. Click here for How to Remember Any Word.



The important thing to understand is that these techniques work so well because they are a reflection of how memory functions. Understanding the main principles will help you develop and manage your memory in a more effective way. Click here for loads more memory help.

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