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Correct grammar will make your writing clearer. It will help the reader to understand exactly what you were trying to communicate. Sentence planning, structure, and proper use of punctuation all contribute to good grammar. You want the reader to understand exactly what you were thinking.

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Sentences and full stops:

The full stop is the most important punctuation mark. To know where to put them you need to know what makes a sentence correct. Understanding how to construct a proper sentence is the single most important thing for clear and grammatically understandable writing. Click here for How to Write Correct Sentences.

Plan your sentences:

One of the biggest causes of writing errors is a lack of sentence planning. Planning your sentences will make your writing clearer and save you time overall. It will also make the whole process generally less stressful. Click here for Plan Your Sentences.

Do your sentences sound right?

One way of checking if your sentences are grammatically correct is by asking yourself, do they sound right? If your writing sounds clear and understandable the grammar will generally be fine. Click here for Do Your Sentences Sound Right?

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How to use commas:

The full stop may be the most important punctuation mark but the comma is the most versatile. It can also be the most difficult to learn to use correctly. However once you know how to use it properly it will remove ambiguity from your written work. Click here for How to Use Commas.

Other punctuation:

After you have built your understanding of full stops and commas there are a few more punctuation marks you can learn that will give extra clarity to your writing. Once you know them you should have a pretty good understanding of punctuation in general. Click here for Other Punctuation.


Correct grammar is about making your written work clear, understandable and easy to read. Your aim when writing should be for the reader to know exactly what you meant. If they don’t have a clear understanding, what was the point of writing it in the first place?

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