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Well then, what can I say about us lot? There are three main people responsible for creating Beating Dyslexia, David Whitehead, Brendan Cunningham and me Suzanne Bishop, we are all dyslexic.


Dyslexia made school difficult for all of us. Brendan would habitually play truant. He tried to avoid as much class time as possible. As a child David would vent his frustration by disrupting lessons, and challenging authority figures.

As for me, I simply waited quietly at the back of class, hoping not to be noticed. I cannot remember ever feeling happy at school.


The working world isn’t an easy place for people with poor literacy skills. It was very embarrassing when colleagues discovered we had difficulties reading and writing.

Before we met each of us realized we had to do something about our dyslexia. The first positive step was to start doing loads and loads of reading.

Slowly and steadily our literacy skills improved, and confidence grew. The next problem to overcome was our lack of education.

Beating Dyslexia:

I met Brendan Cunningham at university when I was 26 and he was 24. We were introduced to David Whitehead through friends several years later. The three of us had dyslexia in common and the determination not to let it hold us back.

  • David Whitehead received a 2.2 with honours (C grade) in Engineering.
  • Brendan Cunningham received a 2.1 with honours (B grade) for his degree in Business and Psychology.
  • Me, I got a 2.1 with honours (B grade) in Sociology and Economics

For each of us the journey was long and very hard. This is why, at the end of 2009, the three of us decided to create a website to help others facing the challenges we faced and still face today.


One thing I can definitely say about us at Beating Dyslexia is we think learning should never end. No matter how much you know you can always learn more.

In the end we all left university proud of what we had accomplished. All you need to do is stay strong and promise yourself you’ll never give up.

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