Online Dyslexia Test

Just like all the other online dyslexia tests this is not a diagnosis. However if it does indicate the possibility of dyslexia you may want to seek further help and advice. For a full diagnosis you would need to be assessed by an educational or chartered psychologist. 

Please answer all 14 questions:

What does your score mean?

  • A negative score (less than zero) = Very low possibility of dyslexia
  • 0 – 75 = Moderate possibility of dyslexia
  • 76 – 150 = Strong possibility of dyslexia
  • Above 150 = Very strong possibility of dyslexia

If your score indicated a strong possibility of dyslexia you may want to consider being fully diagnosed by an educational psychologist. However you may simply want to speak to someone to find out if a full assessment is necessary.

Are you in education?

I was assessed for dyslexia just before I went to university. If you are in education find out if you can be fully assessed by your school, college or university. If they conclude you’re dyslexic you should get extra help and more time in exams, so it’s well worth asking.

How much does it cost?

Dyslexia assessments can be very expensive. The cost ranges from £300 to over £1000. Unfortunately the government does not provide dyslexia assessments on the NHS. Please be cautious of websites that offer cheap assessments online. If the assessment is not carried out by a recognised professional it is rubbish. Click here for more information.


Every question on this test was, obviously, related to a symptom of dyslexia. Use your answers as a guide to help you focus on the areas you need to improve on. For every symptom there is a way to overcome it.

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