Diagnosing Dyslexia
The Benefits of Being Fully Assessed

Diagnosing dyslexia is not something that can be done at home by simply looking up information on the internet. Dyslexia can only be confirmed after assessment and diagnosis by either a chartered or educational psychologist.

diagnosing dyslexia

If you are currently in work:

  • Under the Equality Act of 2010 employers are obligated to accommodate staff with disabilities. In terms of dyslexia this can benefit both you and your employer.
  • A dyslexia assessment will give you a detailed report of your strengths and weaknesses. Therefore your employer will be able to tailor your workload to your strengths to maximise your productivity.

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If you are currently in higher education:

  • Being diagnosed as dyslexic may entitle you to funds for assistive technology, such as a computer and other learning aids.
  • It may also entitle you to one to one study support. The report you receive from a full dyslexia assessment will help a support teacher to clearly understand your educational needs. Ultimately this will help to maximise your learning potential.
  • You may also be entitled to extra time in exams.

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If you are currently at school:

  • Being diagnosed as dyslexic may entitle you to extra time in exams.
  • You may also get extra teaching support.
  • The profile of strengths and weaknesses from a dyslexia assessment will help teachers to build on your weaknesses and bring out your strengths. In the long run you will be able to get so much more out of your school life.

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A dyslexia assessment is well worth it. Even if it turns out you are not dyslexic the assessment can still be an aid to your learning and development.

By being assessed you will find out all the things you can do at home to overcome your difficulties. We live in the age of the internet one of the most powerful educational tools ever invented. Diagnosing dyslexia does cost money but it’s an investment for your future happiness and success.

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