Dyslexic difficulties

by Rebecca

Since I was very young, I was different from everyone else in my family. I could not speak properly like the other kids of my age. I would get pronouns mixed up and unable to produce the easiest words. I also struggled to spell words and reading out loud. I tended to have problems understanding instruction, so I would be confused and worried to ask again what they said. I was not diagnosed with dyslexia until I was 12 when I went to high school for my first year.

I always knew that there was something odd about me compared to the other kids I knew. It was hard to cope that I was different and I lived 12 years of my life thinking I was just stupid. I didn't know how to ask for help, or how to deal with it myself until this day I still have problems with my dyslexia. It made me stressed for a long time, to a point where I felt there was no point of going to school. But I continued to go anyways.

I was always that creative kid, who loved to write stories and I did. They didn't make sense but I knew that in my head it did. As I got older, I started to panic more and my dyslexia and it has now made me feel like I cannot write anymore. But I know that I am able to do it, cause one day I will beat dyslexia. I know many people who are exactly like me but they all were diagnosed very early and seem so normal compared to me. I wished a lot to be normal but I am, I just seem that I'm not because I have dyslexia. I should get comfortable with it not fight against it. I want to beat it rather letting it make me feel horrible.

So, now. I am able to say I still struggle with my dyslexia but I am getting all the help I need and support. So I kinda have beaten dyslexia, I am on the right path for it!

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