Improve Rapid Naming Ability
with a Very Simple Reading Intervention

Rapid naming refers to how fast a person can name letters, numbers, colours or objects. Reading intervention can improve recognition speed. It has been shown in many studies that this rapid naming ability is often below average among dyslexic people. The ability to name letters or symbols quick and accurately is, without a doubt, at the heart of being able to read.

Rapid naming and reading:

When it comes to reading rapid naming is more than just identifying the letters that make up words. As an individual’s ability to read develops they become able to recognise sections of words and whole words in one go. For example when you see the word ‘house’ you do not sound it out or read it one letter at a time you simply recognise the whole word.

Short term memory:

Reduced rapid naming ability links the condition of dyslexia again to memory functions. The phonological deficit theory suggests that dyslexic people have a difficulty processing speech sound. It claims that problems with short term verbal memory are partly to blame. Verbal memory is used when you are reading or spelling unfamiliar words.

However this idea of rapid naming speed shows the importance that visual memory plays in the reading process. This may mean that the cause of dyslexia may be rooted in general memory and recognition problems.

How to improve rapid naming ability:

There are many games, exercises and probably computer packages that claim to improve rapid naming, and therefore reading skills.

However surely, the best reading intervention for rapid naming must be reading aloud. If you improve your ability to read out loud then you know for a fact that your rapid naming has improved. Click here for a full rundown of all the benefits.


If you don’t like reading out loud and find it difficult then it will probably be very beneficial for you to do. All you need to do is incorporate it into your normal daily practice. Just read the first few pages out loud, then carry on in your head.

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