Dyslexia Remediation:
Based on the Magnocellular Theory

This dyslexia remediation is very simple, fundamentally all you have to do is cover your left eye during reading, or close work. It was developed to help dyslexic people with tracking difficulties.

Basically if you have trouble moving your eyes across text or if they jump around while reading this is a tracking problem. However, people generally describe it as seeing letters moving around or turning back to front.

Not only is the treatment very easy to administer it’s completely free, like everything on this website. If however you don’t like the idea of wearing an eye patch in public see my recommendation.

The research it is based on:

The magnocellular theory is about the way the brain processes moving visual information. Click here for a full overview of the magnocellular theory. Researchers hypothesised that covering the left eye while reading would improve eye coordination. It was thought over time it would improve eye tracking consistency.

Now, I know this sounds far too simple. However the results were very positive for a good portion of the participants involved in the experiment (see evidence).

How to perform this dyslexia remediation:

Cover your left eye when reading or doing any close work (like writing, using the computer or building a match stick model of the Cutty Sark). You can buy an eye patch very inexpensively from your local pharmacy. If you wear glasses you may want to secure a piece of material over the left eye.

I understand if sometimes in your day to day life it may be inappropriate to read with one eye covered as it will make you look like an insane pirate. Try to do it as much as you can.

My recommendation:

I know it’s not going to be possible to wear an eye patch all the time. Therefore get into a good habit of reading at home with the eye covered for an hour a day at least 4 times a week. You need to do this for six months.


Please, please, please give this dyslexia remediation a go. The only tricky part is getting into the habit of doing it regularly. Try keeping the eye patch and your book together so you don’t forget to wear it when reading.

Like all the treatments on this site eye occlusion has shown positive benefits for some dyslexic people. At the end of the day it costs nothing and I’ve shown you an embarrassment free way to do it, so give it a shot. Click here for more treatments and interventions.

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Evidence for The Magnocellular Deficit Theory:

Monocular occlusion can improve binocular control and reading in dyslexics.

The magnocellular theory of developmental dyslexia. .

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