Living with Dyslexia:
Turning a Negative into a Positive

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I view living with dyslexia as challenging but I don’t see it as a burden. I don’t want to get all self-help on you, and I definitely don’t want to tell you how to live your life. With that in mind, however, I would like to tell you how I personally deal with my own dyslexia.

In my life I try as much as I can to turn negatives into positives. This is great for dealing with problems and worries. Another way to reduce stress is to keep things in focus. When I think about all the suffering in the world is dyslexia really that bad.

My favourite way to feel good about my dyslexia is to see it as a challenge to overcome-a mountain to be climbed.

How do you view your life?

Everyone has a choice of how they view life. From one point of view I could think having dyslexia isn’t fair. Why has this happened to me when most people can read fine?

Cold hard facts:

Fundamentally life isn’t fair it never has been and it never will be.

This seems a little cold and depressing I know, but it gets worse. There are people in other parts of the world dying of hunger. This makes me think if living with dyslexia is the biggest thing I have to worry about then I am pretty lucky.

Another simple fact is dyslexia is stressful. It’s annoying, irritating, it makes me work harder and I feel different from other people. I always have to remind myself that it could be much much worse.

Life is a challenge:

Sorry if that last part was a bit preachy, preachy but it’s true feeling sorry for yourself is lame. I don’t think life is meant to be perfect. No one is meant to be happy all the time it would be ridiculously boring.

The way I look at it life is about overcoming challenges. Almost everyone has to deal with one type of challenge or another.

living with dyslexia

Life is meaningless without challenges:

Therefore I look at my dyslexia as a challenge to overcome-a mountain to be climbed. The higher I climb the more I learn. This gives me a richer experience of life and I’m humble to the fact that I am not perfect.

To be honest this makes me feel good inside and on a purely practical level it stops me getting stressed about dyslexia. It also helps me tackle other problems with a clear head. Click here for how I deal with social anxiety.

Conclusion: Choose the point of view that benefits you the most.

Living with dyslexia isn’t great. However the long and the short of it is I have a choice of how I view my life. One way stresses me out and cripples my motivation. The other way relaxes me, makes me feel positive and keeps me moving forward.

I know from living with dyslexia I can choose either a positive or negative point of view. The world from now until the end of time is never going to be perfect.

To be honest there are lots of things worse than dyslexia. View it as a challenge to stand up against. Then you can say you were tougher than it and it didn’t beat you. Click here for more motivational help.

It’s your choice.

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