Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is a familiar problem for some dyslexic people. I have experienced bullying, in one form or another, as a result of being dyslexic. This would obviously make anyone feel depressed. However the most important thing is how I feel about myself now.

The root of my social problem:

I have always had a big fear of reading aloud ever since I was forced to do it at school. This played a huge part in lowering my self-esteem. It made it harder for me to develop friends and social skills. Growing up I always had problems making connections with others.

social anxiety by George White

I do not care what people think of me:

Having low self-esteem as a child made me overly anxious about what other people thought of me. At some point in my early 20’s I came to the very rational conclusion that caring about what other people think is dumb. Getting bothered about the opinions of others is a good way to drive yourself crazy.

No one really knows what is in anyone else’s mind. The only thing you are ever really going to know, for sure, is what is going on inside your own head.

Maintaining a clear mind:

To avoid social anxiety the only person's opinion I worry about is my own. I treat people the way I wish to be treated and I make sure I live up to this standard.

I try to look at myself fairly and objectively. If I’ve treated someone in a way I wouldn’t like to be treated I try to take responsibility for my actions.

The same goes for how I live my life. I make sure I’m proud of myself and what I’m doing. By doing this there is no reason to worry what others think of me as I’m trying to live up to my own standards, and not theirs. This helps keep me confident and clear headed. Click here for a confidence boost.


For me the root of my social anxiety lay in my dyslexia. It caused low self-esteem and the feeling of worthlessness.

Trying to make assumptions about the opinions of others is impossible. You will never know what anyone else is thinking. The only person’s thoughts I can really know are my own. Therefore the only person’s standards I’m going to live up to are mine. Click here for more motivational help.

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