13 and Dyslexic

I had a really bad time at primary school. They labelled me dumb within the first year of being there. In yr2 my mum thought I was dyslexic. The school refused to test me every time we asked. I was bulled in school until the day I left primary. Finally in the last 6 mounts of yr6 my teacher said to my mum that I may be dyslexic. The next week we asked for a test and were told no.

In yr7 I got help (finally!)
IN yr8 I got my test and it came back with a confirmation, yes to dyslexia.
I was so happy to find out finally what I knew. I am dyslexic. I completely broke down into tears all I could say was
"It has took the school so long....they could have done it such a long time ago......finally....finally"

I am in yr9 now and LOVEING school

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