Am I dyslexic?
You have to confront the problem. 

Asking yourself 'am I dyslexic?' is not an easy thing to do. You may not want to admit to yourself that you have literacy problems. It is so much easier to bury your head in the sand and avoid the question. However if you don’t find out if you are dyslexic how will you ever move forward in life.

Worried you may be dyslexic?

You may be worried that an assessment will confirm that you are dyslexic. Being diagnosed may make you feel that you are different from other people. This can really play on a person's mind and create insecurity.

Please remember worries like these are ridiculous; there is nothing wrong with being unique. People like Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, Thomas Edison and many millions more have been very successful dyslexic people. It didn’t do them any harm to be a little different, actually it probably helped them.

Worried you may not be dyslexic?

On the flip side of the coin you may be worried that a test would show that you are not dyslexic. You may feel that if you do not have dyslexia then you are simply unintelligent.

Having any sort of learning difficulty simply means you need to be taught in a different way, be it literacy, numeracy or whatever. How intelligent you are is a completely separate issue.

Don’t worry if an assessment concludes that you are not dyslexic. The assessment is really about understanding how you learn as an individual and establishing the best way for you to continuously improve.

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How do you find out if you are dyslexic or not?

You can only be diagnosed by a chartered or educational psychologist. Assessments carried out by these professionals are recognised in the eyes of the law and by educational institutions such as universities and colleges. To find out if you may need to be assessed click here for the Beating Dyslexia Screening Test.


It’s always important to face facts with anything in life. Discovering for sure whether or not you are dyslexic can be a very emotional process.

Whatever the outcome you will find out so much more about yourself and the way you learn. Taking these first steps to confront any literacy problems you may have is so essential for beating dyslexia. If you do not answer the question 'am I dyslexic?' it will always hold you back.

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