Builded my own startup

by Hans
(the Netherlands)

I was lucky that my parents took the school's advice and let me get tested at an early age. To see if I was slow or dyslexic.

It showed I wasn't slow or dumb but dyslexic. I had a lot of help at school; this has helped me over the years.

I struggled getting my grades for Dutch and English. School was never really my thing. It was either way too easy or way too difficult, there was never a balance.

I started to work at an early age. I had some luck, I taught myself to write software. After some successful years at companies I started my own business. I've always been a hard worker and never give up believing in my dreams.

Now just 30, I'm growing my company on a daily basis. The software is now used in all of Europe and it's starting to hit in the US as well. Soon we will expand to the Asian market where we're getting a lot of request from lately.

Maybe some parts of life are harder for people with Dyslexia, for me it was reading and writing. But I also found my strengths. Try to find yours I'm sure you can use them to your own benefit.

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