Changing Jobs
Don’t let Dyslexia Hold Your Career Back.

Changing jobs can be a worrying process. You may be afraid that you won't be able to cope in a new line of work. The fear that dyslexia may hinder your ability can stop you moving on. It's also so easy to get stuck in a comfortable job you know and like.

Stay or go?

The question is should you try something new or stick with what you know. I personally think new challenges are always a good thing even if they don't turn out positively. Negative experiences help us develop.

Having the confidence to achieve your goals in life is essential for overcoming dyslexia. Therefore I would say be brave when you are thinking about changing jobs.

Some negative experiences can have positive repercussions:

When I was younger I worked in a record shop. At the time I had not made any effort to overcome my dyslexia. I was pretty much semi-literate. Due to my poor spelling ability I was not able to use the stock control computer properly.

In the end the manager had to sack me. After that I realised I had to do something about my dyslexia, so I started doing a lot of reading.

If it wasn’t for that one negative experience I may not have forced myself to improve my literacy skills, gone to university and ended up being part of this website.

Should you tell your employer you are dyslexic?

Today dyslexic people are protected under the law. The Equality Act of 2010 obligates employers to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people.

I would say it’s best to tell a prospective employer at the interview stage about your dyslexia for a number of reasons:

  • At most job interviews you will be asked about your weaknesses.

  • Telling them about your dyslexia shows honesty. This is a very positive characteristic for an employee.

  • If you have been through college or university you may have had to work harder to get the grades. This shows determination.

  • Your achievements in other jobs are amplified.

  • You can also show the steps you’ve taken to overcome dyslexia and the improvements you’ve made. Again this shows you have a strong work ethic and determination.

Always be sure, though, to show that you have the literacy skills needed to do the job.

However if you are sure your dyslexia will not affect your work there may be no need to tell a prospective employer.

Always be trying to improve your key skills:

Reading, writing, spelling and numeracy are generally essential at some level for most jobs. Therefore it is essential to be building on these skills all the time.

If you are continuously improving your literacy and numeracy skills you will naturally have more confidence when changing jobs. In the end this confidence will help you to achieve your career goals.

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Don’t jump without looking:

Planning and preparation are key to success so make sure you know the requirements of a job before you apply. Find out if you need to work on any of your key skills. Make sure you are ready for your new challenge.


Do not be disheartened if dyslexia causes you problems when changing jobs. Make sure any negative experiences make you stronger.

When starting a new job don’t let it overwhelm you. Take your time and have faith in yourself that you can get the job done. The most important thing, though, is never let dyslexia hold you back from what you want to do in life.

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