Classroom Stress
A Huge Burdon on Dyslexic Students

Dyslexic students can suffer from classroom stress. Some of this stress may be caused by bullying in one form or another. This in turn can lower self-esteem, and make it difficult for dyslexic children to make friends. It is vitally important to tackle the cause of stress in order to eliminate it.


Many dyslexic people suffer from bullying while growing up. Childhood can be a tough time and children can be very mean to one another. Nevertheless it's almost impossible to stop children from picking on each other.

However you can show every student the positive side of being dyslexic. Some of the most intelligent and successful people in history have been dyslexic. You may want to show them this video.

Hopefully this may make some potential bullies a bit more respectful of their dyslexic peers. Obviously this will not stop dyslexic students from being bullied, but it may help to boost their self-esteem. If they believe they can achieve great things they are more likely to try harder. This can help to reduce some of their classroom stress.


Tackle the root cause:

Clearly the root cause of stress on dyslexic students stems from their literacy problems. To reduce this stress you must prove to them little by little each day that they are capable of learning to read and write.

Once they believe in themselves they will start learning independently. Once they start learning independently the related stress will be dramatically reduced.

Overcoming stress little by little:

If a student is suffering from stress you need to prove to them day by day that they are capable of learning. They need to go home each night having learnt to spell at least one new word, or having decoded an unfamiliar one.

Once you prove to them they can learn to read and spell they will have the confidence to start learning independently.

Click here for loads of helpful spelling strategies. These techniques will help to improve their spelling and their confidence. This will create the foundations for independent learning.


Building confidence to learn independently is guaranteed to reduce the root cause of stress that dyslexic students are burdened with. Their confidence needs to be built up little by little one day at a time.

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