Dyslexia never beaten just Leveraged !!!

by Almost Perfect

Lets get it straight you can not beat it!!! but you can certainly leverage it. Memorization, well forget about that. Understanding, well lets concentrate on that instead. "If I understand it, I own it!!!" and I own it better than anybody else. btw I understand "it" in every possible way it can be twisted, and yes it takes longer that way but its the only way I can make it work. Good thing for spell check I needed it six times so far. Lets put the cheer leading aside because this it not a win win, its a win maybe get some credit but probably not. Sorry but that's just how its worked out for me. My job is detail oriented and I'm great at it as I know how everything works together but getting credit is even harder for me. I would either say something wrong, over detail explain it or something else which unfortunately tarnishes my "can do" abilities. Lost track of all the spell check fixes so far but its a lot. Yes those big mouths win the credit side, boy I hate those dishonest people. As President Roosevelt said if we didn't have to worry about getting the credit for our work, much more work would get done, or something like that. The only way I can deal with this is to just know that "I" and "I" alone have made a positive difference. Even if some else stole my knowledge, view point or method etc... I just know that "I'm" the one that REALLY figured it out. In most cases I know what the truth is "I DID IT" not any one else. Sometimes you just have to take what you can get and know that your truth is what matters and that your truth is the most important truth there is.

Almost Perfect
Good luck everyone, hope this helps someone.

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