Improve Eye Tracking
and Make Reading Easier

Eye tracking difficulty is a problem that some dyslexic people have to put up with. There are many symptoms that relate to it. If you find reading to be a slow and uncomfortable process it's a good possibility that you have a tracking difficulty. Below is a three point method to help you overcome it.

What is tracking?

Tracking is the ability for your eyes to move smoothly across text. If your eyes can’t track properly then it’s very difficult to develop reading skills.

There have been many reports of dyslexic people suffering from this problem. This may explain a lot of the classic symptoms of dyslexia, such as letter reversal, text blurring and missing out words when reading.

Tracking problems can slow the development of normal reading skills. They can also make reading a more uncomfortable and tiring process. This in turn may also affect spelling ability by making it harder to develop familiarity with words.

Can eye tracking be improved?

Yes in a lot of cases of dyslexia eye/text tracking can be improved. This is a three point process:

Step 1:

The first is to start doing the core exercises in the treatment section. Strengthening the core muscles will help your body to balance and coordinate itself properly. By doing this it helps your eye muscles to work in sync. Have a look at the core exercises and then come back and I will tell you the next two steps. Click here for core exercises.

Step 2:

The second step is to get your eyes and brain working together. When you are reading cover all but the first word of the line you're on with a ruler or piece of paper. Move it along the line as you read each word. This will focus your brain on reading one word at a time.

When you get to a difficult word cover it with the paper and read it one syllable at a time. This will help your eyes and brain to work together when decoding unfamiliar words.

Step 3:

The final thing you need to do to improve your tracking is practice reading aloud. You don’t need to cover the text when doing this. Hearing your own voice in real time will force your eyes and brain to work together.

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I hope the method above helps to make the reading process easier and more enjoyable, it definitely has for me. Please remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will take time for your tracking ability to improve, but please bear with it, patience is a virtue.

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