from a little(ish) kids point of view

by annie

i am annie and i am 12 yeas old. i was diagnosed when i was 7, though my parents begged the school for a diagnoses for years. still, i know i am one of the lucky ones. did you know just 5% of dyslexics get diagnosed?

i can read fast and well, which is why they never diagnosed me. i guess they took the name dyslexia litraly. dys - poor, lexia - reading. feel free to join me in a virtual face-palm. although my reading is good, my spelling....not so good.

i do all the clasic switching of letters (b and d, p and q, 6 and 9, 2,3 and 5, and i do f and r but i have never heard of other people switching F and R.) i stick words in where they are not needed, i miss words out when they are needed, i put capital leters in ridiculas places, and my hand writing is apawling.

i have heard that the reson my reading is good but my spelling suffers is because i memorize the shape of words that i am reading and not the letters. so when spelling happens, it is a fail.

i also have poor hand-eye co-ordination (i have heard this is commen in dyslexics to?)this kind of sucks cause if your bad at writing and reading then you can get away with it socialy if you can catch a ball. i couldn't. so my social life was pretty bad.

but the biggest thing i had to over come (and what with just starting high school, am still over coming) was teachers who seemed to be under the impresion that dyslexia is some sort of exuse for stupidity. that we need to "pull our socks up" and "use a dictionery" and "learn to spell".

again, feel free to join my in a virtual face-palm.

but. this IS a sucses story. i digress.

in primery school, i descoved preforming. talking to an audience, reciting poems, speech making. acting. it was somthing i could really do. somthing i could aksell at. i think everybody needs somthing they can really do . this preformign was what kept my self esteem up, stoped me becoming a little bit depressed.


ps, i was reading your sucsess storys (insperational.)
i saw one that was talking about insightfulness that was almost a little bit "phycic". i have expierinces like that also. my best friend is autistic, and i can useally know when she is abut to have a bit of an episode. my other bestie is depressed, but in a sort of bi-poler-ish way, and i can tell when SHE is going to have an episode. i also think that sometimes can guess that an other person is dysleix, just by talking to them. i have had the feeling three times, and i have been right on all ocasions. Is this what you were talking about?

spelling gets progresivly worse as time gose on. spell check may be a fail. i dont know. sorry on the spell checkers behalf.


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