Higher Education
Is it Right for What You Want to Achieve in Life?

If you are thinking about taking a higher education course I highly recommend making a clear and frank assessment of your situation. I don’t want to put you off going to university. I personally found it to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Nevertheless, is university the right way for you to achieve your goals in life?

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What do you want to achieve in life?

The most important question is what do you want to do with your life? Or to put it another way what is your dream job? Where do you want to be in ten years? These may seem like tough questions but it’s so important to answer them before you decide to take a higher education course.

Choosing what you want to do in life:

The most essential thing is to be honest with yourself even if it turns out that what you want to do is not the most glamorous thing in the world. If you have no idea start by asking yourself questions.

  • What are you interested in?
  • What kind of person are you?
  • Do you have a drive for success?
  • Do you have a drive to help others?

Look at all your options?

Going to university without a clear idea of what you want to do afterwards may not be the best thing for your future. Now don’t get me wrong education of any kind is always beneficial. However passing university, even with a good mark, does not guarantee you a job.

Again I’m not trying to put you off higher education I’m simply saying look at all your options. There may be another route to your dream job that is easier and cheaper.

Obviously getting a degree is really good for boosting confidence. Passing a degree is so much more satisfying when you have struggled with dyslexia. However you should consider if taking an alternative route to the career you want will put less pressure on you in terms of:

  • Money
  • Time
  • relationships

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Once you know what you want to do work backwards and research how you are going to get to your dream job. Where do you start? Well have a look at some job websites. Find out what qualifications and experience you'll need.

Again keep working backwards, what will you need to do to get the experience? Will you have to work unpaid for a period of time? Is a degree an essential requirement? How will you get a foot in the door?


If you don’t know what you want to achieve in life then university can seem like a step in the right direction. However you need to get to know yourself better to understand what you want to do with your life. Really think about what you want and who you are. Please remember planning is the key to success.

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