I have made it

by James Gilbert
(Sheffield UK)

I think I have overcome my dyslexia to a level that has allowed me to move forward in life. I struggled with reading and writing from infant school, some of the other children teased me about it.

I now have a degree in engineering, narrowley missing a first class degree by 0.08%. I think having dyslexia and being teased as a child was an insperation to me. It made me want to prove people wrong, I now out earn most of them!!

I have often felt that I was let down at an early stage in my life, apart from the support of my parents. The school I went to did very little to help me.

There are many people with dyslexia who helped to inspire me like Sir Jackie Stewart, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison to name but a few. I say if we can overcome it then you can too. The key is to find something that interests you, so you want to study it more.

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