I ignored the teachers saying I'd never make it to college now I earn 3 times their salary and I'm 29

by Chris Earnshaw
(Preston, UK)

I was listed as dyslexic at the age of 9. The end of my primary school I could hardly read or spell over a average five year old. I got private tuition and stayed back a year before going to high school. This was difficult due to other pupils but I got through it.

I re-learnt the basics of how words are made up with lots of reading and spelling and incorporating maths at the same time. After a while it started to click but this takes perseverance!!!! Don't give up.

Once I got to high school I hid my date of birth 28th of August from everyone as long as possible as they would question why I has a year older. It came out in the end but by that time I had lots of friends and it didn't matter.

Still my spelling wasn't great at the end of high school but I got a B in English at GSCE which was unheard of. I then went on to college and university.

Now I've gone from a salesman to a computer developer and trainer back to a national account manager salesman. In this time I was required to write a lot of emails, check my presentations and present. After training myself to make sure I didn't make a mistake it time it took to write these items took less and less over time.

I became a manager at the age of 27 winning CEO awards for best employee of the year. I'm a very competitive person and always want to win, where my winning was proving to those people that called me thick, stupid, etc... that I would prove them wrong.

Above all inside me I want to be the best which with this attitude I believe you can achieve anything you desire.

I love driving my new Mercedes sports car, living in my large house with my beautiful wife, I believe I'm blessed. Dyslexia can be beaten it isn't a diseases or your brain not working correctly, You just need to work a little harder!

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