Improve Your Reading
by Learning to Love it

Obviously, to improve your reading, writing or anything else for that matter you need to do loads of practice. To do this you need to love and enjoy whatever it is you are doing. If you can make yourself love reading you will do tons of practice without trying.

The problem:

The problem is if you’re told to do loads of practice it makes whatever it is you are learning seem like a boring chore. Nobody likes a chore.

The Solution:

If I do something a lot it is because I enjoy it. I’m sure you’re the same when you enjoy something you can always find the time for it.

I enjoy playing my guitar and whenever I pick it up an hour will fly by. It's the same with reading whenever I have the time I sit down and 2 or 3 hours will just disappear.

The golden rule:

To improve your reading make yourself love it, and spend loads of time doing it.

How I made myself love reading:

I use to find reading a chore but over time I’ve found more and more things I like about it. In turn this has made me find more time for it. I’ve got better and this, again, makes me want to read more.

I now know if there’s something I want to improve at I need to make myself like doing it. The hard part is getting myself to start enjoying it. If I can do that I can easily make myself love it.

Therefore, if you want to improve your reading focus on all the things you like about it. It doesn’t matter if you are not very good at it, you don’t have to be good at something to enjoy it.

Here is what I first started to enjoy about reading:

  • I love getting to a weird word I’ve never seen before and being able to decode it without getting a dictionary. It’s a small feeling of achievement.

  • I love getting close to the end of a book; again it’s the feeling of achievement.

  • It makes me feel more relaxed than watching TV.


If you make yourself love reading you are going to spend so much more time doing it. In the end a huge part of being good at something is the time you invest into it. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are to start with.

If you learn to love reading you won’t just beat dyslexia you’ll smash it to pieces. To improve your reading you have to enjoy it. Click here for more reading help.

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