Me Beating Dyslexia, I'ma tell the truth!

by Raemelle Childs
(Kennesaw, GA US)

Me being dylexic! Well I'ma tell you the truth. It's been real hard for me, probably because I was born at a time when they didn't know much about learning differences, dyslexia, etc. I believe doctors recently started diagnosing these types disibilities in the 1990's. I'm in my 50's and it's been a roller coaster of a heahache seriously. Going to school in the 60's and 70's and not knowing that I had learning differences was really hard. My report cards were terrible, I got teased by my siblings because sometimes I would get put back a grade, and I had a brother one year younger than me and would wind up in his homeroom class. I had to go to summerschool a lot in order to try an catch up to my own grade. I was told that I wasn't trying hard enough, was lazy and or didn't care. I did care, but my mind couldn't focus for some reason. I got good grades with citizenship, art, and gym. I'm a hands on type of person, and I do very well with things like art, sewing, welding, drywall/painting, etc.

I'm really just starting to beat dyslexia, only because I know and understand that I have it and have to learn how to deal with it. I now know that I'm none of the negative things that many people tried to say I was. I'm smart, intelligent, gifted, etc. Dyslexia means that we learn different from the so called norm; and says that most of us have hidden talants gifts. I know one thing about myself and some others who has dyslexia, we don't believe in giving up on whatever our gifts are. We'll keep tryimng until it happens for us. I can name a few famous people who had or has dyslexia; Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Cher, singer and actor, Danny Glover, actor, Whoopie Goldberg, actor and comedian, Tommy Hilfiger, fashion designer, Charles Schwab, founder and chairman of Charles Schwab & Co., financial services with assets exceeding $800 billion; and Henry Winkler, the actor and producer of Happy Days, better known as "The Fonz" from 1974 to 1984. I have a lot more to name, but it would take a life time to put them all down lol.

We're not that bad after all you see? I'm in my 50's and like I said we don't believe in giving up. With us, "you can teach an old dog new tricks" lol.
I'm in the process now trying to help educate across the globe that first of all, we do exist, we're no longer going to be the invisible people, try an bring other's out of the closet and not be ashamed or embarrassed that we're unique when it comes to learning. Work on finding the right help we'll need to help ourselves to become better at what we do, help with starting our own businesses, art, writing books, etc. We have what it takes, we just need a boost, like the suport, right resources, etc.

I haven't really beaten it yet, but we can beat it; it's just gonna take time and it also depends on us and how bad we want to make that change. One good thing is that each and every one of you/us have that special gift, and or gifts and if you believe and never give up, it will happen :-).

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