Never give up

First and for most I would like to thank you for all your re-search and hard work that has went into this website to give to help people with Dyslexia.
I to have the beast, and have struggled my whole life (now 55 y/o) with reading and writing, understanding words and how they work.

because of my lack reading and writing skills professionally my career has never advised, and I have struggled with poor self-esteem. Did-not help matters being told by my parents that I was stupid and would never be about to learn.

When I graduated high school I could read maybe first grade level and my spelling was so poor. I was forced into low paying jobs.

At 21 I got married and started teaching myself to read and write, I refuse to except that I could not learn.

I went to college a few times make a 4.0 but I had to eat sleep school.

I had two IQ tests the first said I had 130 I had them take it again cause I didn't believe them 135 and the person that tested me said the dyslexia was masking my intelligence.

and I agree with you, learning is non stop, you have to refresh the mind daily. I find if I dont read on a reg basic. its harder for my to concert and it takes me longer.

I still struggle with feeling stupid and not grabbing things as quickly as others, it is very frustrating when I can't remember how to spell simple words, or when I write its very disjointed but I refuse to give up.

I have made up little coping tricks, I use my voice activation on my iphone I speak a sentence into my phone and they type it into my computer in order to white semi correctly. Grammar is a beast for me, but using my phone helps.

I am going to work on the skills this wonderful website has provided.

any questions email me at

thanks Holly

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