Not stupid after all!!!!

by Louise

When I was in Kindergarten, I noticed that school was harder for me than my peers...learning colours, letters, I progressed, I fell further and further behind.

I had teachers tell my parents that I was lazy, "slightly retarded", and below average. My mother believed it, but my dad found it ridiculous. He would spend hours with me on my times tables, doing fractions, calculus, and we would go over it and over it until it was in my photographic memory. I would then prove everyone at school wrong the next day on a test and score close to 100%.

My dad didn't help me with reading much. I always scored poorly on spelling and I hated writing. I didn't begin reading chapter books until I was in grade 8. I read Judy Bloom books and then went on to Stephen King novels. I began to enjoy reading.

In grade 8, my teacher told my parents that I should go to a non-academic high school....learn to be a hair dresser, etc. My dad did the opposite...he put me in an academic high school in advanced subjects and I managed to pass everything. My dad wanted me to go to university and study business or engineering. He told me that I could be whatever I wanted.

I was finally tested in high school on the advisement of my...DAD...dyslexia...ughhhh! Finally I knew I wasn't stupid!! My IQ was like 130!!!!

Fast forward; my parents got divorced and I had quit school. I then decided to go to university. I got accepted as a mature student; got a Business Commerce degree and now fast forward another 20 years; I'm making about $75K as a Business Analyst for the government.

THANKS DAD for believing in me!!! Now my young daughter is showing obvious signs of's now my turn to believe in her!!!

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