where do i start

by anna

when l was young at school l could not understand what the teacher was trying to teach me so l was labelled thick, it has carried on all through my life l have no confidence am scared when it comes to having meetings at work l feel like a little mouse hiding down the hole, it makes me feel very sad, so one day l decide a change in job l took my self too collage l wanted to do a course l was very excited at the prospect of training to do something worthwhile untill the teacher said you need to do a simple text english maths l froze and said eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee no l cant am scared no not scared bloody terrified l thought l wont know the answer and they will call me thick the thought of not getting a pass made make hot under the coller so the teacher said come back when you learn some english and maths so thats what am doing, coming on this site has helped me undersatand even the spelling l now know how to spell necsessary because l remembered two eyes and nose l cried when it said about time tables l could never understand and remember them so l am at the point am learning english maths so l can get into collage and l feel great that this site is going to help me on my way thank

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